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U.S. Biathlon is highly motivated to increase the number of experienced and educated biathlon coaches available around the country to support the growing athlete population. We have recently invested in the U.S. Biathlon Center, where we host our online courses to get prospective coaches started on the pathway. In addition, we offer an annual Coaches Conference and regular virtual Coach Huddles to discuss & share topics of interest. Some of our members are interested in a full time coaching position, while others want to play a supportive, or assistant, role at their local biathlon range. We also strongly encourage and welcome all Level 100 & 200 U.S. Skiing Nordic coaches to join us. Please reach out to with any questions or concerns.


  • The Center

    U.S. Biathlon has invested in an online and app-based program, which we are calling the Center, to host our new Coaches Education content, courses, and modules. Our first online course called The Foundations of Biathlon Coaching is the starting point for current and prospective coaches with the most foundational of Biathlon Coaching information and terminology, and will likely prove quite valuable to expanding the knowledge of volunteer coaches, parents, and officials as well.

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  • Women's Coaching Initiative

    The U.S. Biathlon Women’s Coaching Initiative will provide female coaches from all Nordic backgrounds (biathlon AND cross-country coaches, wax technicians and former athletes) with opportunities throughout the season to integrate with U.S. Biathlon staff and teams on the ground at domestic and international U.S. Biathlon and IBU events. This is a career development opportunity, tailored specifically for each accepted applicant, designed to help women with serious interest in a career in coaching/biathlon improve their skills and learn from the best U.S. Biathlon coaches, wax technicians and support staff. Participants will work with U.S. Biathlon team staff to carry out diverse duties dependent upon experience levels, interests and current team requirements.

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  • Become a U.S. Biathlon Coach

    Steps for becoming a US Biathlon Coach:

    1. Purchase your U.S. Biathlon Coaching Membership

    2. Complete your background check instructions

    3. Complete your SafeSport training

    4. Login into the Center to access Coach Education resources & our new "Foundations of Biathlon Coaching" online courses

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  • Athlete Development Model

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