The U.S. Biathlon Association (“USBA”) is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for athletes and participants involved in the sport of biathlon. It is also committed to creating an atmosphere free of misconduct, including child physical and sexual abuse and other forms of misconduct that do not necessarily involve children. In these Safe Sport and Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (collectively, the “Policy”) USBA will identify the primary types of misconduct, discuss USBA’s efforts to curb misconduct, enumerate USBA’s safe sport requirements for certain individuals involved with USBA, including specific policies for one-on-one interactions with minor athletes.

USBA reserves the right to amend this Policy from time to time as it deems necessary. (Updated 03/09/2023).

View the Full Policy HERE.

(Updated Policy affective 1/1/23) 


Anonymous SafeSport Reporting 

(click the link above to anonymously report a SafeSport concern) 

U.S. Biathlon members should report any concerns or violations to U.S. Biathlon and/or the U.S. Center for Safe Sport. To report a MAAPP violation to US Biathlon, please email Reports to The Center can be made by going to

To report a concern use the Center's toll free phone number: (833) 5US-SAFE (587-7233)

The Center accepts all reports of sexual abuse and child abuse within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement. Report here (“Report here” should link to if you have reasonable suspicion of sexual misconduct or harassment, child abuse (including child sexual abuse), or intimate relationships involving an imbalance of power.

The Center also accepts reports of emotional and physical misconduct (including but not limited to bullying, hazing, stalking, and harassment) within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement. Reports of emotional and physical misconduct can also be reported directly to your sport’s national governing body (NGB).


[1] This may include volunteers, medical staff, trainers, chaperones, monitors, contract personnel, bus/van drivers, officials, adult athletes, staff, board members, and any other individual who meets the Adult Participant definition.

[2] Volunteers who only have incidental and observable contact with athletes at events are exempt from this requirement.

[3] Individuals referenced in this subsection shall have 45 days after reaching the age of majority (18 years of age), to come into compliance with this background screening requirement.

[4] Athletic trainers who are covered under these policies must follow the “Athletic Training Modalities, Massages, and Rubdowns” policy. 

[5] A “disposition or resolution of a criminal proceeding, other than an adjudication of not guilty” shall include, but is not limited to: an adjudication of guilt or admission to a criminal violation, a plea to the charge or a lesser included offense, a plea of no contest, any plea analogous to an Alford or Kennedy plea, the disposition of the proceeding through a diversionary program, deferred adjudication, deferred prosecution, disposition of supervision, conditional dismissal, juvenile delinquency adjudication, or similar arrangement, or the existence of an ongoing criminal investigation, a warrant for arrest, or any pending charges.

[6] For purposes of these procedures, the term “felony” shall refer to any criminal offense punishable by imprisonment for more than one year.

[7] Any participant that has been convicted of, received an imposition of a deferred sentence for, or any plea of guilty or no contest for any sexual crime, criminal offense of a sexual nature, and/or is a sex offender registrant must report this to USBA. USBA will report the same to USOPC.

The USBA's Process to become Safe Sport Trained

  1. Navigate to the Safe Sport portal
  2. Enter your USBA Member Number
  3. Complete the Safe Sport Course


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