Collegiate Biathlon

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Across the U.S., there are athletes juggling rigourous collegiate academics, biathlon training and competiton and, more often than not, also competing for their institution's Nordic skiing program. U.S. Biathlon recognizes the exuberant amount of dedication and effort it takes to successfully balance it all at once and applaud all athletes for their determination and drive to compete at the highest level of biathlon, while simultaneously achieving academic success.

At last check, we counted 13 colleges and universities around the country supporting 30+ collegiate biathletes in the U.S. Biathlon sport development pipeline, and some ready to do so. To view the current list of collegiate program, click HERE.

The inaugural 2024 U.S. Biathlon Collegiate National Championships took place in Fort Kent, Maine in conjunction with the 2024 U.S. Biathlon National Championships, March 22-24, 2024.

To provide recognition to athletes who are in a course of study at a collegiate institution, and to recognition to the schools and coaches that support not only the athletes but the growth of biathlon as a sport, these Collegiate National Championships, taking place on an annual basis, will be an opportunity for collegiate biathletes to converge and compete as individuals as well as teams, representing the institutions that are aiding in both their academic and athletetic success.

Click HERE to view the results from the 2024 Collegiate National Championships.

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