John Morton

Hall of Fame Class of 2015

Over John Morton’s 40 year association with the sport of Biathlon – as an athlete on the ’72 and ‘76 Olympic Teams, as a coach of teams in the ‘80s and as Team Leader for 3 more Olympics – no one has better represented the Team, his country, his community, or himself than John Morton. His commitment to success with honor is a standard that has inspired generations of US Athletes and coaches and forms the backbone of the program we enjoy today.

Those who have skied with John as fellow athletes, or for him on the various teams he has coached at Dartmouth and for US Biathlon, all form a chorus in unison. In fact, their stories come together in a singular voice about a man who has not only helped them reach their athletic dreams, but who has also been a model of integrity, humility and dedication to excellence in life. As impressive as John’s athletic record is, this will be his most lasting legacy.

Ours is an age when too many in sport are taking the fast route to success, when results rather than character define champions, when Baron De Coubertin’s Olympic ideal of sport being “not about the triumph, but the struggle” seems to have been replaced by “win-at-all-costs”. Against that backdrop John Morton has modeled the importance of self-sacrifice, discipline, respect for others, dedication to excellence and a principled approach to both sport and to life.

Success with honor is the Morton way.

John Morton - USBA Hall of Fame