Maddie Phaneuf: Finding Her Pathway Back

by Tom Kelly

New Gloucester, ME - ( May 3, 2021 )


Any athlete will face highs and lows in their career. For biathlete Maddie Phaneuf, the 2020-21 COVID season had a crazy blend. But amidst the challenges, a pair of consecutive career-best IBU Cup finishes have put her on a promising pathway for the future.


Growing up in the very heart of the Adirondacks, mother nature is near and dear to Phaneuf’s heart. Hiking and biking through the mountains is her private getaway and has led her to become an advocate for the environment and an athlete ambassador for Protect Our Winters.


This past season saw her return to the World Cup once again, after a tough experience as an Olympian in 2018. Her opening ceremony smiles turned to sadness when strep throat stripped her of a chance to compete. The outcome was a battle with herself and patient steps to mend her mental health.


Today, she exudes happiness in her interview for Heartbeat, confident in her IBU Cup success and optimistic about her future. She spoke to Heartbeat from her training camp in Lake Placid.



Listen to Heartbeat with Maddie Phaneuf to learn more including:

  • How she moved from swimming to skiing.
  • Musical instruments she plays.
  • That perfect outdoor place of solitude that’s close to her soul.
  • Why she’s crazy about Toga Party?

Maddie Phaneuf: Tom Kelly's HEARTBEAT Podcast

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