Team USA Youth Bring Home Hardware from 2024 Liatoppen Biathlon Festival

The 2024 Liatoppen Biathlon Festival, an annual event held in Liatoppen, Norway, a destination renowned for its picturesque landscapes and challenging biathlon courses, took place April 12-14, 2024 at the Liatoppen Skisenter. Team USA saw two podiums and 11 top-20 finishes between the relay, individual, mass start races. 

“Team USA had a great experience at the Liatoppen festival this year! This trip really allows for young athletes to learn and grow and for many of them to have their first international racing experience,” said Elysha Dyer, one of the Team USA coaches. “It also allows for some of our top youth to showcase their abilities. This race pushes young athletes to race three races in a row in a field of some of Norway’s best youth skiers! It’s really an incredible scene on race day!”

Friday’s relay featured a fifth place result from Team USA 1, the team of Aidan Sands, Elin Lunoe and Tristan Thrasher. Team USA 2, consisting of Brooke Greenberg, Solveij Lunoe and Jasper Lloyd followed suit racing to 10th place in the relay.

Six athletes raced to top-16 results in the individual races the following day. Highlighting the weekends results was Tristan Thrasher’s victory in the boys 16 category, with Aiden Sands putting two USA boys in the top six with his sixth place finish. Willet Richey claimed the top U.S. result in the boys 15 category, crossing the line in 11th place. Davis Brosterhous and Kate Carlson shined in the girls 16 category, landing in 15th and 16th place. Brooke Greenberg took the top U.S. result in the girls 15 category, racing to 16th. 

The final day of racing saw Aidan Sands claim a second podium finish for the U.S., crossing the line in third in the boys 16 mass start, with Tristan Thrasher making it two in the top six with his sixth place finish in the category. Wrapping up the weekend, Maren Sands raced to 20th in the girls 14 mass start. 

“What I love most about this race is the young athletes get an international experience, get to race with some of the best, get to experience a new culture, get to work with the new coaches, and make new friends. It’s a unique mix of all those things,” added Dyer. “The coaches and athletes who went on this trip were incredible and the group really came together as a team! All the athletes supported one another and represented Team USA well and the coaches worked together to create a fun and learning atmosphere. We are looking forward to next year's race already!”