Women's Leadership Initiative

The Women’s Leadership Initiative

Our 2030 goals are clear: Grow biathlon across our country; attract the most talented athletes to the sport; deliver sustainable Olympic medal-winning performances at every Games beginning in Antholz in 2026.

Achieving these goals requires building participation at the grassroots level, attracting top athletic talent, and delivering a world-class high-performance program. Inclusion and gender equality are paramount to success, and we are committed to providing opportunities and support for women athletes and sports professionals at all levels, from grassroots to elite high performance.

Our Women's Leadership Initiative is integral to our 2030 plan and will build strong and sustainable women’s leadership in biathlon.  These are the core elements:

  • Supporting world-class female coaching
  • Identifying top female XC athletes and providing targeted, tailored and fully funded opportunities to pursue biathlon
  • Athlete health and wellness
  • Targeted outreach and promotion
  • Mentoring and post-competition career support

Women's Leadership Initiative Elements

  • Women's Coaching Initiative

    Biathlon has a significant shortage of female coaches and we must expand the female coaching population across the spectrum.

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  • Athlete Health & Wellness

    One of the biggest challenges to our elite athletes is illness on the World Cup circuit. By improving our overall wellness plan, we aim to see is significant improvements in athlete wellness and performance this season and beyond.

  • Project X

    Project X provides a pathway into the development pipeline for high performing cross-country skiers to give biathlon a shot. Through this program, we provide a tailored approach and support for female athletes interested in training to become a competitive biathlete.

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  • Outreach, Promotion & Mentorship

    In order to sustainably grow the population of female biathletes in the U.S., we must put resources towards promoting the sport to young girls and women. Once women are a part of the development pipeline, we're developing a mentorship program that will take a holistic approach that addresses the whole athlete.