One of the biggest challenges to our elite female (and male) athletes is illness on the World Cup circuit. Overall wellness is impacted by fitness, nutrition, medical support, and mental health.  For the 2024 season we will:

  • Hire a full-time athletic trainer to coordinate the overall wellness program and collaborate with medical doctors, 
  • Retain a nutritionist to develop menus and plans for athletes and coordinate with in-house and hotel chefs
  • Provide female-centric training and education focused on the technical and physical skills required for biathlon, sports psychology, nutrition, and injury prevention

The Stifel U.S. Cross Country Team implemented a similar plan, and it has realized significant improvements in athlete wellness and performance.

See below for 2023/24 season data collected by Brett Toresdahl, MD, U.S. Biathlon team physician and associate professor at University of Utah Health: