June Fundraising Drive

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    Your Support Inspires the Growth of Biathlon and Propels Our Athletes to the Olympic Podium

    Thank you for being a part of our biathlon family and supporting our efforts to grow biathlon in the United States and bring home U.S. Biathlon’s first Olympic medal!

    In order to achieve sustained competitive excellence, U.S. Biathlon has created an ambitious and transformative plan for long-term success that will foster a robust community of clubs across the nation and attract the most talented young athletes, offering them the foundation needed to succeed on the world stage and win medals at the Olympic Winter Games. This plan focuses on four key pillars:

    • World Class High Performance – Supporting and Advancing Our Elite Athletes
    • Grow the Base of Biathlon – Building Clubs, Participation and Fans
    • Recruit and Develop Top Skiing Talent – Identifying and Integrate Competitive XC Skiers into Biathlon
    • Organizational Excellence – Operate Our Organization at a World Class Level

    To successfully execute our plan, expand participation, and see our athletes atop the Olympic podium, we need your continued support! 

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    World Class High Performance

    World class high performance means training and racing to be the best in the world. U.S. Olympic biathletes and current staff, Lowell Bailey and Tim Burke, are at the forefront of athlete development and high performance. Our elite athlete support, coupled with advanced ski technology and the training infrastructure and programming, provides the means necessary for our athletes to succeed at the highest level.

    Grow the Base

    U.S. Biathlon Clubs are regularly engaging with their communities to introduce the sport of biathlon, provide training and race opportunities, experienced coaching, and much more! U.S. Biathlon prioritizes sport and coaching development by providing our clubs and grassroots with the support they need to grow and expand.

    We have implemented a Biathlon Try-It Program and are in the process of securing the funds for more laser biathlons to be sent around the country to clubs and venues to host Try-It events for their communities.

    Recruit and Develop Top Talent

    U.S. Biathlon's Project X Program aims to expose top cross-country skiers to biathlon early in their skiing careers. We are actively seeking high level cross-country ski racers with a history of top 10 performances at Jr Nationals, NCAA, and US Skiing's SuperTour skate races. Those hitting these standards automatically qualify for our Project X (Elite introduction) camps. Project X camps focus primarily on the shooting process and prioritize athletes maintaining their key cross-country ski training plan workouts without interruption.

    Organizational Excellence

    The U.S. Biathlon Association has taken tremendous steps towards success with the appointment of Jack Gierhart as President & CEO, and the hiring of John Farra as Director of Sport Development and Sara Donatello as Communications Coordinator. We are prioritizing athlete wellness, refining management & operations, increasing and broadening our communications, adding more partnerships, and increasing our fundraising efforts to be able to support all aspects of the biathlon community and work towards our 2030 goals.

    Yes, I’d like to Support U.S. Biathlon!

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