A Change in Leadership for the U.S. Biathlon Association Board of Directors

New Gloucester, ME – Longtime co-chair of the United States Biathlon Association, Bill Alfond, has retired from his position on the board of directors. With a unanimous vote, Co-Chair Robert Hall will now take over as chair of the organization.

Rachel Steer will fill the role of vice-chairwoman, Brian Noyes as treasurer and U.S. Biathlon Director of Operations Sara Studebaker-Hall as secretary. Phyllis Jalbert, Sarah Konrad and Brian Noyes will continue in their roles as directors. 

“Bill joined the Board when I was a competitive athlete and has been a stalwart supporter of U.S. Biathlon for two decades,” said Rachel Steer, U.S. Biathlon Association Vice-Chairwoman. “I am forever grateful for his service and honored to be stepping up into the vice-chair position.”

“I am deeply honored and very optimistic about U.S. Biathlon’s future. We have a talented staff, a dedicated board and a tremendous group of athletes,” said Robert Hall, U.S. Biathlon Association Chairman. “Reflecting on the past, I want to thank Bill Alfond, former co-chairman, for his 20 years of service. His insight and dedication has had a great impact on our organization. USBA has high aspirations and looks forward to executing its 2030 plan.”

Alfond led the organization through its most productive and transformative period, having been an active member of U.S. Biathlon for over two decades and serving as co-chairman alongside Hall for the past four years. Alfond will be recognized as director emeritus of the U.S. Biathlon Association. He will serve in this honorary position as a non-voting member of the board, acting as an advisor to the current board of directors. 

“This is an incredibly exciting time to be involved with U.S. Biathlon,” said Steer. ”With Jack Gierhart’s strong National Governing Body experience and an engaged board, we are well-positioned to support our talented athletes on the world stage.” 

The board recognized that Alfond’s support and dedication to the United States Biathlon Association is unparalleled, as is his love for the sport of biathlon. Although Alfond will be retiring from his position on the Board, he will continue as an avid fan and supporter of U.S. Biathlon. 


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