U.S. Biathlon Partners with Dermatone

Midway, UT – The organization which oversees the Olympic sport of biathlon in the USA has partnered with Dermatone as the Official Skin Protection of U.S. Biathlon and the U.S. Biathlon Team. It is yet another partnership for the growing sports organization which has taken significant strides towards sustained competitive excellence in the coming years. 

Dermatone makes a range of specialized formulas for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, offering high quality skincare products that are effective protecting against issues like sunburn, windburn, chapping, cracking and even frostbite. As part of this partnership, Dermatone will provide U.S. Biathlon athletes with skin protection products to use throughout training and competition. 

“Our athletes spend much of their time outside training and racing in harsh conditions, and excellent, dependable skin protection is essential to their health and wellbeing. This partnership with Dermatone will provide great products and support to enhance our athletes’ performance and help them achieve their goals,” said U.S. Biathlon President & CEO Jack Gierhart. “We are excited to work with such a respected company having a long legacy in winter sports, and with values and a culture that aligns with our own. We look forward to sharing Dermatone’s knowledge and excellent products with our entire community.”

Dermatone was founded in 1981 as the first product to provide cold weather protection along with sunscreen. The brand’s long-lasting, water-resistant, sweat-resistant and broad-spectrum SPF formulas deliver unparalleled protection in high UV environments. Dermatone has been tested in some of the most extreme environments on Earth, including Mt. Everest, K2, Antarctica and Death Valley.

“U.S. Biathlon athletes spend a ton of time outside in high UV environments and also across a variety of conditions, including intense cold, wind, dry and sun. Their health and the health of their skin is paramount,” said Dermatone President Doug Metchick. “We’re thrilled to provide them with the highest quality skin protection so they are able to compete effectively at the highest level.”

Dermatone is Climate Neutral Certified and its products are made in the USA, paraben-free, cruelty free, non-greasy and rated for sensitive skin. 

About Dermatone

Since 1981, Dermatone has been operating with one goal: to offer athletes and outdoor enthusiasts the highest quality skin protection possible. Dermatone’s long-lasting and specialized SPF formulas have become standard equipment in expedition packs, ski jackets, life vests, first aid kits, and pockets everywhere. Dermatone is Made in the USA, is Climate Neutral Certified and is a woman-owned business. For more information about Dermatone, visit or email

About U.S. Biathlon 

As the Olympic sports organization centered around the sport of biathlon, the United States Biathlon Association, known as U.S. Biathlon, is recognized by the International Biathlon Union (IBU) and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) as the national federation for biathlon in the United States. Founded in 1980, U.S. Biathlon exists to support and encourage the development of biathlon in the United States, to work with biathlon clubs and regional centers around the country to organize training and competition from the grassroots to elite level, and to prepare athletes for international competition. U.S. Biathlon staffs and finances the U.S. Biathlon national and junior national teams and is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization. For more information, visit