We are Hiring: Senior Team Biathlon Coach

U.S. Biathlon Association, the recognized national governing body of the Olympic sport of biathlon, is seeking a biathlon coach for senior-level biathletes.  This role involves managing and optimizing the training programs for senior elite athletes across various levels within the U.S. Biathlon pipeline. The position reports directly to the Director of High Performance.

The ideal candidate will have at least ten years of experience as a biathlon coach or elite biathlete, including a minimum of five years as a head coach at a regional level or higher, with excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

General Role:

  • Responsible for coaching senior-level athletes within the U.S. Biathlon pipeline, with a specific focus on X team and senior development athletes.
  • Provide coaching to senior-level teams at international and domestic competitions and training camps.
  • Work collaboratively with the Senior National Team (SNT) staff and Athlete Development staff to support the mission of U.S. Biathlon.

Main work:

  • Implement and coordinate training programs for X team athletes.
  • Execute the following tasks relating to National Development Group (NDG) athletes: 
  • Schedule training camps,
  • Carry out biannual training plan reviews with NDG athletes,
  • Arrange and procure supplemental coaching support for NDG camps and other activities,
  • Track NDG athlete performance over the course of the training year and make recommendations on which athletes should be invited to SNT training activities.
  • Conduct and maintain consistent communication with select SNT athletes; as designated and agreed upon by U.S. Biathlon Dir. Of High Performance (HPD).
  • Participate in the creation of individualized training plans in collaboration with U.S. Biathlon HPD, U.S. Biathlon Dir. Of Athlete Development, and U.S. Biathlon SNT coaches.
  • Collaborate with other U.S. Biathlon staff to optimize cooperation between X Team, NDG, and SNT.
  • Mentor regional and assistant coaches to educate and disseminate U.S. Biathlon training techniques and philosophies. 
  • Develop new and/or optimize existing performance data analytics systems including, but not limited to, collective work with the USOPC Data Analytics Team.

Organizational and administrative duties:

  • Manage use of Lake Placid Barrel Test Facility (BTF).
  • Serve as a resource for rifle and ammunition issues as needed, with support from Rifle Support Contractor.
  • Maintain a supply of spare parts for U.S. Biathlon.
  • Collaborate with U.S. Biathlon Head Coach to maintain an up-to-date inventory of U.S. Biathlon/SNT property (e.g. spare rifle parts, team equipment).
  • Assist HPD and others in development of U.S. Biathlon performance strategy,
  • Assist in the development of a unified training program for the entire U.S. Biathlon development pipeline (in collaboration with other U.S. Biathlon coaches, Dir. Of Athlete Development, and HPD).
  • Work with staff to develop new training resources for coaches and athletes. (e.g. Ski Technique Program).
  • Accept other duties as assigned by the HPD.

Coaching duties:

  • Attend training camps, competitions, and “out-of-camp” training sessions as agreed with HPD.
  • Provide virtual coaching as requested by athletes and/or HPD whenever in person coaching is not possible.
  • Provide consultation with athletes and staff as needed throughout the period.
  • Provide mentorship to other coaches in the U.S. Biathlon coaches, where appropriate.

Expected Qualifications:

  • High level of biathlon-specific coaching skills in both skiing and shooting disciplines 
  • At least ten years of experience as a biathlon coach or elite biathlete, with at least five of these as a head coach of a regional, or higher, biathlon team.  
  • Fluency in English (written and verbal communications). 
  • Eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Demonstrated expertise in the use and implementation of performance data systems.
  • Demonstrated success working independently and in a group environment.
  • Demonstrated success working with a wide range of athletes.
  • Demonstrated ability with email, word processing, and spreadsheet programs or platforms.
  • Valid passport and driver’s license.

Working Conditions:

  • Attend training camps in various domestic and international locations throughout the year.
  • Travel to all or most of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) senior competition calendar (e.g. World Cups, IBU Cups, and other Senior-level international activities).

Submit letter of interest, resume and three references by June 5th to:

Lowell Bailey, High Performance Director |