Team USABiathlon

Haley Finch

Athlete Bio




Anchorage, AK


University of Alaska Anchorage


Alaska Winter Stars

Haley began doing biathlon in 2020 at the age of 13. She was looking for a way to get outside when many sports, like my sport of competitive rock climbing, had to be shut down, so she joined a biathlon camp in July of 2020 and after a tough week of learning to ski, she was hooked. Her favorite venue to race at is her home track at Kincaid Park in Anchorage. There are many local athletes in her community who inspire her such as Kikkan Randall, Holly Brooks and several other elite athletes from a young age. Most recently, Nordic skier Gus Schumacher and biathlete Deedra Irwin inspire her to work hard to achieve her goals. She has had the honor of meeting both of these athletes personally and they have been receptive and encouraging with her questions and goals!

Outside of biathlon, she likes hiking, running, creating art, making earrings, playing guitar, baking, playing with her two dogs and flying with her dad in his plane in many areas throughout Alaska. She has two dogs, Tikishla and Tanaina who are her favorite hiking buddies! They are her inspiration to get out and go for a run even if she's not feeling very motivated!