The Center

U.S. Biathlon has invested in an online and app-based program, which we are calling the Center, to host our new Coaches Education content, courses, and modules. Our first online course called The Foundations of Biathlon Coaching is the starting point for current and prospective coaches with the most foundational of Biathlon Coaching information and terminology, and will likely prove quite valuable to expanding the knowledge of volunteer coaches, parents, and officials as well. 

After completing the first course, U.S. Biathlon coaches will be encouraged to continue on to our Foundations of Biathlon Coaching Supplemental course which will dive much deeper into the details of Biathlon Program design, fundamental shooting training exercises, tests, and drills, skiing technique, wax room, and ski equipment. U.S. Biathlon will make available guest speakers and 2023 U.S. Biathlon Coaches Conference sessions to share with our current coaches first before the greater community receives access.

The Center is available online, as well as in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for those wishing to utilize their phone to navigate the content and courses.