Biathlon Rifle Safety

It is critical to U.S. Biathlon and its member clubs that biathlon participants are knowledgeable and confident with regard to all the critical elements of keeping our practice sessions and competitions safe for everyone.

For many decades, the U.S. Biathlon athletes and coaches have referred to the “USBA Redbook” as our tool to educate and inform Biathlon participants, and it has served us well to maintain a high level of safety in our sport. Now thanks to the U.S. Biathlon Center, we have entered a new modern era for Biathlon Rifle Safety.  

The starting point now is our Basic Rifle Safety Course available for free on the Center, which permits us to modernize the information shared and ensure it is taught consistently across the country. After completing the Basic Rifle Safety Course, participants may request an in-person assessment at one of our U.S. Biathlon clubs/venues around the country. The assessment is a means to ensure that each participant has retained the key knowledge and skills covered in the online course, and can be expected to maintain safe actions and help keep the range safe for all other participants. After successfully completing the assessment, the participant will receive confirmation of their U.S. Biathlon Basic Rifle Safety Certification emailed to them directly from the Center.

Reach out to our member clubs at our Find a Club page to locate an official U.S. Biathlon Rifle Safety Assessor.